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A number of different technologies were used for implementing a very sophisticated air conditioning concept at the Landessparkasse zu Oldenburg.

In the office spaces the heating is hidden in the floor. The drainage channels have been placed underneath narrow gratings running alongside the façade. This has the advantage that the floor to ceiling window fronts provide an unrestricted view of the outside. And in winter, employees sitting next to the glass panes do not feel a draught of cold air they experience a pleasant room climate instead, due to the warm air rising from floor level.

In large rooms like the cafeteria or in the conference areas transverse airflow fans are used for both heating and cooling purposes. They generate a room eddy for an even temperature. This is important because these parts of the building are occupied by large numbers of people. Important: the latest generation fans used in these areas are energy efficient and equipped with very quiet blowers. The high halls, which link various wings, also serve as large function rooms for events. To ensure a good room climate when occupied by a large audience, not only is the air permanently circulated, primary air is also supplied.

Reference Document: LZO, Oldenburg

Technical Documentation: Floorunits, Homogeneos Gratings