Cooling must arrive.Everything should agree with this high-profile property: When creating the Altstadt-Palais in Munich not only Feng Shui principles were considered. Even the clothing habits of potential tenants were included in the considerations and thus determine the selection of Air technology. The background is simple: Who wears a suit or costume, has two to three layers of clothing on the skin. His body is "insulated" from your clothing.

The choice was therefore to active chilled beams in order to ensure effective action and thus a real thermal comfort. These convectors have been integrated into the ceiling. Cold water and fresh air are supplied hidden behind a false ceiling above the hallway. Another advantage of this solution: If a cooling element per spatial axis flexible use of office space is possible.

This principle as well as the return air is discharged. It flows through a ceiling joint and a silenced excess pressure in the return air duct. A practical and elegant solution that is adapted to the design ideas of the architect optimal.

Press: Journal. Architekten und Planer

Reference Document: Cooling convectors

Architect: Auer + Weber, München

Engineering Firms: zwp Ingenieur-AG, Köln