The cooling convector is sitting in the closet. If a building is being renovated as at Allianz in Munich, it means paying attention to immutable conditions. Was on the floor heights and should change nothing: why, today, the air conditioning is integrated in wall units, which are located in the hallways.

An elegant trick, because in this way was avoided to hang blankets. Instead, chilled beams are hidden in the upper part of the special cabinet construction. Before that is flush with the cabinet door finally, an elegant linear grating through which flows into the warm air. She passes the underlying cooling units. Physical effect: The now-cooled air sinks in a shaft behind the actual cabinet down and foot height occurs at a pleasant temperature again.

These TTC solution is characterized by its economic and environmental benefits. Because of the temperature difference between the heated room air and cooling water is low. Consequently, the energy expenditure is manageable. Quite appropriate in this context: the windows of the building can be opened, the agents can thus quite traditionally be aired. Also reduces energy costs.

Reference Document: Allianz, München

Technical Documentation: GraviVent® Silent Gravity Cooling

Press: HLH 2001

Architect: HPP Architekten, Düsseldorf

Engineering Firms: IBW Wiesmaier, Munich