Headquarter TTC and ADO Lights at day
Headquarter TTC and ADO Lights at day
Headquarter TTC and ADO Lights at night


TTC is a modern mediumsized-sized company. It is spe-Siert on HVAC, lighting and homogeneous grid design.

TTC is a partner who respects budgets and are still looking for any question regarding the best pos--union response. For this purpose, a flexible dialogue is for individual requirements. The result is always a quality product.

Progress means at TTC, permanent advance based on the latest scientific facts product innovations.

In favor of the person who should feel comfortable in a building. In favor of the economy, really contemporary solutions are affordable.

Ideally, the co-work begins in the planning phase. TTC is oriented with its concepts of the project and its specific challenges. Shapely, both technically at a high level - which may be a new development, but also a modified standard product. The design is always matched to the overall design. And at a reasonable price.

In the world of being at home. TTC defi ned-this claim by his choice of partner: The company works closely with internationally renowned architects and engineering firms. Through its dynamics, its business in emerging markets.

TTC is a family business in the bundle, different forces. Siegfried Timmler responsible for sales and concepts, his sister Ulrike the finance and marketing. Independence in the sense of the founder means for both growth at a healthy pace.

Success through visions

His idiosyncratic Vita has made it to the entrepreneur who he is today. Timmler comes from a native merchant family in Cologne. Service-oriented he was already in his youth as an athlete. But even rebellious against the Capitalis-mus and against nuclear power plants. For others, the criticism of the Establish-ment may have been only one episode before they turned to a classical career. But for Siegfried Timmler the search had just begun for new values for individual guidance only.

Through his friendship with the architect Erich Schneider-Wessling he encountered as a young man on Denkan Phrases that corresponded with his own Weltan-intuition. Ecological-cal design and air conditioning by external sun protection, use of natural light and greenery - these were fascinating-ideas for him. This was followed by foreign travel. To Israel, where he met the desert climate adapted new developments. Thereafter, Central and North America: Main station here was Los Angeles, where Timmler lived with the family of Richard Neutra. This had to be connected with its concept, interior and exterior, gained international fame.

Back home in Germany studied Siegfried Timmler in Cologne business and took over his father's business in parallel. Originally specializing in rust systems, he expanded the portfolio. And put on new technolo gies-LED as an energy saving light source. Climate on water-borne systems, smoother and more comfortable for the user process as cooling by cold air. Meanwhile TTC is an industry known synonym for resource saving solutions. Solutions, and this is also Timm Jewellers claim, consistently emphasize the aesthetic character of a building.