Kö Bogen Düsseldorf
Frankfurt Flughafen
Konzerthalle Kopenhagen

Areas of expertise

Innovative and environmentally friendly - Intelligent building for modern living and working environments

Konzerthalle Koppenhagen Klima

Fresh AirCon

Cooling, heating and ventilation in its most elegant form

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Kö Düsseldorf Roste

Homogeneous Grids

Minimalist and unique as your designs

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Kö-Bogen Düsseldorf Rinnen

Drainage Gutters

The aesthetic solution for outdoor use

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MuCem Marseille Licht


Set accents by LED technology - powered by ADO Lights

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TTC is a modern medium sized company. We specialise in air conditioning, lighting and homogeneous grating design.

TTC sees itself as a partner that respects budgets while still trying to find the best possible solutions for any problem. This includes a flexible dialogue for individual requests. The result is always a high quality product.

or TTC progress means to constantly drive product innovation on the basis of the latest scientific findings.

On behalf of the people who should feel comfortable in a building and on behalf of economic efficiency, because truly contemporary solutions are affordable.

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Our Projects

Our Projects

Experience architecture in its most elegant form

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Our Products

Our Products

Minimalist with a certain aesthetic

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Real Estate People Architects and Ebgineers

Real Estate People

Our pool of architects and engineers

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Gravivent Booklet

Booklet GraviVent

Silent Cooling and heating system.

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Projektbericht: Hotelbau

Project report: Hotelbau

Issue March/April 2019

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Projektbericht: Vilotel - Architektur Exklusiv & Hotel Premium

Project report: Vilotel - Architektur Exklusiv & Hotel Premium

Issue July 2018

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Contact & Info

TTC Timmler Technology GmbH
Christian-Schäfer-Str. 8
D-53881 Flamersheim

Tel: +49 (0) 2255 921 0
Fax: +49 (0) 2255 921 500